At Berto Contractors, safety is our number one concern.

When it comes to work safety, it is easy to fall into a comfortable routine and miss a job hazard, leading to an accident that could have been avoided with just a little more attentiveness. This is why we have implemented a safety culture at BERTO, aimed at stimulating constant vigilance to job safety. We see safety not only as an individual responsibility, but a collective one. Since no one can think of everything on their own, we make it company practice to all look out for each other.

To this end, we have established an extensive occupational health and safety program, and we are committed to work in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with provincial regulations. We have monthly safety meetings where safety concerns and solutions can be discussed. We make sure to provide employees with safety training as required, such as confined space entry, first aid, and ground disturbance training. We have a comprehensive list of safe work practices and procedures, actively facilitated by our on-staff safety officer. We keep detailed record of safety proceedings including site inspections, incident reports, and near miss reports. All our equipment is kept up to date and we take precautions to ensure it is used as specified.

At Berto, our people come first. It is important to us that everyone can go home at the end of the day.