Looking for a change? We’re always looking for top talent and skilled workers.

Here is a listing of our current openings. Job details and descriptions can be accessed via the links below. Or, if you already know about the position you're applying for, please feel free to apply now.

Berto offers full benefits packages, on-the-job training, and opportunities for additional training and certification. This is a great opportunity to learn the underground telecommunications industry and develop general and widely used construction skills. You will learn excavation techniques, skills with hand tools, working with technical drawings, and project management. We are proud to support a friendly environment, which is sure to be a great resource for young ambitious starters.

Safety is a critical part of our culture. We work diligently to ensure every member of our team is provided with all the necessary safety training. No job is too important, that it cannot be done safely.

Who is Berto

Berto Contractors is an experienced civil utility construction company with 25 years of operating knowledge and excellence in the industry. We have an expert core staff with vast experience to learn from. We are expanding our company and are searching for interested individuals to join our team. We welcome qualified applicants that are looking for long-term employment in an environment that fosters skill development, provides opportunities for individual initiative and maintains a commitment to excellence in all that they do