Services Cable Placing & Splicing

Cable Placing & Splicing


Berto Contractors Telecommunications Placing and Splicing Capabilities

We deliver the specialized construction, installation and splicing services the industry needs to quickly bring fibre optic projects to the market.

Whether you need fibre optic cable or copper cable to be placed underground, on aerial infrastructure and final destination building demarcation points, we can deliver.

Underground Placing Capabilities

  • Backbone fiber cable placing
  • Ability to back feed and flake fiber cable to eliminate additional splice locations that would not be required
  • Demarcation building entrance cables and beyond the demarc cable tray cable placement
  • Tagging and designated cable identification as required or mandated.
  • Placing copper cables as identified to meet the current legacy systems and equipment

Aerial Placing Capabilities

  • Installation of poles, anchors, messenger to meet aerial infrastructure standards
  • Placing fiber cable to meet specific customer standards and requirements
  • Placing copper cable to meet specific customer standards and requirements
  • Reviewing infrastructure designs to assist our clients with achieving the best final product to suit their requirements and meet budget limitations
  • Wrecking and removing infrastructure that has been identified on relocation designs and infrastructure replacements

Cable Splicing Capabilities

  • State of the art Fiber cable splicing equipment and support vehicles
  • Bi directional OTDR and power meter testing
  • Legacy copper splicing equipment and expertise
  • Ribbonizing loose tube fibers to enable the different fiber cable types in the industry.