Case Studies Fraser Highway Locate

Fraser Highway Locate

Berto Contractors Red Line Design Feature

Phase 1: Completed July 2022

Phase 2: Completed

Phase 3: Scheduled for 2023

The Fraser Highway Locate included the installation of new poles South of the existing pole line to facilitate relocating existing aerial infrastructure. This provides for the widening of Fraser Hwy to 4 lanes and creating a corridor for the new extension for Skytrain. Phase 3 will be the placing and splicing of new copper and fiber cables to eliminate the aerial pole line along this corridor.


Scheduling around the other road building contractors and BC Hydro transmission roadblocks. Securing materials in an expedited manner.


We worked with the road builders for access to site and adjusted schedules to complete some of the work on weekends and night shifts. Completed replacement of stolen cable on an emergency callout with the TELUS resources.

End Result

Completed on time by coming up with solution to relocate as the infrastructure was not ready for the new underground conversion. Now Phase 3 of this project. We completed Phase 1 in time for Fraser Hwy to be opened to traffic for the winter season of 2021.